History of the Cursillo

The current version of this chart is version 2.0 dated 22 April 2003.

This is a chart containing the pedigree of the Cursillo Movement as best as I can piece together from different web sites. I have tried to add as many of the three day weekend movements that I could find and the dates when they originated. I have changed the format of this version to be more of a timeline.

If you have any corrections, additions or comments, please let me know.  Please e-mail me with any details.

The file is in PDF format. After switching formats around, I am going to stick with PDF as it creates a smaller and more precise file than other binary formats. You will have to print the file out (should fit on 4 portrait pages) and tape them together. There should be enough overlap on the pages to be able to create the full chart without any loss of information. If you are lucky enought to have access to a large format printer, you should be able to print it out on one sheet.

Click on the chart to download a full size copy. (30K)