November 4-December 1, 2019
Prayer & Palanca / Agape Requests

Last Update: July 22, 2018

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Information about this list:

This list contains approximately six weeks of weekends requesting prayers and Palanca/Agape letters. The full list of weekends can be found at:
The input form for adding new weekends to the list can be found at:
New additions since the last bimonthly posting of the upcoming 6 weekends are indicated with an *
Palanca/Agape to the following E-Mail addresses should be black/white text and/or ASCII graphics only unless otherwise specified. Not everyone has color printers nor means by which to deal with graphics. Check the comments section with each entry for any additional restrictions on graphical letters.
Palanca/Agape should reach the recipient about a week (or more!) before the event starts so that it can be printed and delivered on time!
Touching Christian stories at: E-mail groups for 4th day discussions: These e-mail discussion groups are made up of Christians who have been on a Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, Cursillo, Tres Dias and other "3 day renewal" type weekends. In addition, this list is sent to these two lists. If you do not wish to participate in the discussion lists, the messages on the following list is reserved for this six-week update only. PLEASE!!! Add to your palanca where you are sending it from. Most really appreciate seeing that these come from all over the world. Please send messages concerning corrections to this list to: Listservant <> *************************************************************************** ***** Top ************ November 4-10, 2019 ************ Calendar Page ***** *************************************************************************** *************************************************************************** ***** Top *********** November 11-17, 2019 ************ Calendar Page ***** *************************************************************************** *************************************************************************** ***** Top *********** November 18-24, 2019 ************ Calendar Page ***** *************************************************************************** *************************************************************************** ***** Top ******* November 25-December 1, 2019 ******** Calendar Page ***** *************************************************************************** *************************************************************************** ***** Top ********************************************* Calendar Page ***** ***************************************************************************

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